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Fashion Nail Alert! Sneak Peak!

Avon Campaign 14 Brochure
. . . on Friday, May 10th. Avon Campaign 14 brochure will be available featuring Nail Art appliqués. I was able to put these on while reading my e-mail. It took me less than 10 minutes. No odor. No color all over my nails. No waiting for nails to dry. Just that simple. You just pick the right size, press them on (you can remove and adjust them a couple of times to get the placement just right), pull them over the edge of your nail and file off the excess. I’ve attached a chart of the available designs below. Priced at only $6.99. With all the time I saved, it was definitely worth paying that. My nails are starting to grow some at the bottom but other than that, I have had them on on 2 weeks and they still look like new. I’ve washed my hands, babysat, washed dishes, cooked, cleaned – and they still look great. And of course, the Avon guarantee covers them 100% if you don’t love them, return them for your money back. So try them and let me know what you think.
Avon Campaign 14 Nail Art Strips

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