Playtex Bra Sizing Chart

I have found a great Playtex bra sizing chart on Avon’s website that I’ve posted below. Let me explain how I got here: Sometimes I feel like trying to find a bra that actually fits is rocket science. There doesn’t seem to be anything simple about it. After breast cancer and a mastectomy, it got a lot tougher. I didn’t like the specialty bras very much; not a lot of choices and some of the prosthesis are a little on the heavy side. I finally found a fairly good alternative. They make silicone breast enhancers and are perfect for a little addition if you are trying to even yourself back out. So, whether you have had a double/single mastectomy, a lump removal or you’re just naturally uneven, they seem to work really well. A lot less weight than the prosthesis and they fit into a normal bra. As always, since I am an Avon rep you can purchase Bali and Playtex bras directly from my website. Here’s to our new normal!von-playtex-bali-bra-sizing-chart