Skin So Soft Bath Oil Uses – not just for the bathroom

skin-so-soft-bath-oil-avon-productsAvon’s Skin So Soft Bath Oil is well known for its ability to help your skin stay healthy, smooth and moisturized. But did you know that Skin So Soft bath oil also has lots of uses around the house and around the yard? This is a collection of ideas and uses from many different people and places. Avon only guarantees Skin So Soft Bath Oil as a moisturizing bath oil product. Before you try some of the ideas, like on furniture, make sure you test in an inconspicuous location to make sure it is safe for your particular use. The ideas and uses below are meant for the ORIGINAL Skin So Soft Bath Oil; the other fragrances have a different composition. I hope you enjoy the list and trying out our superhero product. Please comment, especially if have any new ideas.

Skin So Soft Personal Uses

  • Bath oil and after shower moisturizer
  • Use it to treat psoriasis or dry skin ailments
  • Use it to remove chewing gum from hair or skin
  • Add some to liquid soap when shaving legs and underarms to keep skin from drying out
  • Rub on your heels to help heal cracked skin
  • Cleans oil, grease, ink or paint from skin
  • Repels mosquitoes
  • Cleans sticky residue from tape and bandages from skin
  • Can be used to remove makeup

Skin So Soft Household Uses

  • Cleans paint off paint brushes and leaves the bristles soft
  • Sponge Skin So Soft oil around doors and windows to keep bugs out
  • Cleans and conditions natural wood
  • Helps remove residue from price tags and labels
  • Removes soap scum, lime and hard water deposits
  • Removes ink from most vinyl and painted surfaces
  • Removes crayon marks from most painted surfaces
  • Removes chewing gum from carpet
  • Removes scuff marks from patent leather shoes
  • As a deoderizer, spray into the air and let it settle or spray into the washing machine with curtains or bedding
  • Use Skin So Soft as an effective grease remover, it is safe on most cabinets and wood finishes

Skin So Soft Outdoor Uses

  • Put Skin So Soft in an insecticide sprayer with hose applicator and spray it on the deck and yard to cut down on ants, mosquitoes and fleas
  • Spray some on your plants to keep bugs away
  • Mix 5 parts water with 1 part Skin So Soft oil and spray a mist on your pets to keep insects away and to help alleviate dry skin
  • Rub a small amount on your hands before and after handling outdoor pets to help remove strong smells
  • Use Skin So Soft to remove tar stains from your car without damaging the paint
  • Use to clean vinyl dashboards, seats and top; this also helps to keep the vinyl soft to keep it from cracking
  • Rub a small amount on your car’s headlights and grill to make it easy to remove bugs
  • Use it after a car wash to shine up your tires
  • Skin So Soft keeps bromine and chlorine from corroding metals and keeps the top of the pool pump filter lubed for easy opening