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We’ll give you back your $15 Appointment Fee when you start your own beautiful story with Avon between April 1st and April 15th. To qualify just place your 1st order on or before 11:59PM (Local Time) on May 5th. See Terms & Conditions for full details.

Terms & Conditions: This offer is valid only for individuals who have not had an account with Avon in more than 26 weeks. Reinstated Representatives do not count as a new Representative.

The reimbursement of your $15 Appointment Fee will appear as a credit on your Avon Account within 2 weeks after your 1st order has been paid for and ships. New Representatives who reside in Hawaii, Guam or Saipan must place their order by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on May 5th.

Join Avon Now

The Opportunity
At Avon – you make it beautiful. Alongside classic favorites, Avon offers world class innovative products where Representatives are inspired to turn makeup into magic. Backed by the power and support of an unbeatable name brand, an ever evolving line of amazing products, and a community of women in over 100 countries – you’ll find and create your own beautiful story here.
Tools for Success
With your own free website, the Avon eStore, we’ll help you drive sales no matter where your Customers live. Avon’s social media tools, mobile apps and online exclusive offers and discounts make it easy for you to reach everyone you know and turn your personal community and online connections into Customers. The Avon eStore gives your business a “national” presence and its state of the art online tools do so much of the work for you!
Money & Rewards
We believe in giving our Representative options in how they run their business and earn money. That’s why we give you 2 ways to sell: online/mobile and face-to-face. AND, online direct delivery sales help you earn more on your face-to-face sales. We make it easy to share products with your customers with your personalized eStore and of course we have the iconic Avon brochure for face-to-face selling, too. The average active Avon Representative earns 35% on her personal sales with the potential to earn up to 50%!
It’s even more fun with friends
Build relationships while showcasing your passion for beauty. Many people you know both personally and through social media may also be looking for an earning opportunity – just like you. When you help others start their own Avon business, you’re building a team – and your income! They can easily sign up online and you get the credit. Yet another great way to earn with Avon.

Avon Offers MORE
Few brands command the attention, recognition and smiles of this worldwide beauty leader for more than 125 years.

Our reach and reputation makes selling easy. This is a brand that offers an impressive portfolio of iconic products and groundbreaking innovations. There’s something for everyone – from award-winning skincare, to fragrance, color cosmetics,and fashion. This is the brand that’s loved by millions.

Build your business. Build your future.
The Future Looks Beautiful – Your Future!
Avon is dedicated to bringing a total beauty experience to women everywhere. Not just through the power of our products, but with the power of our promise – to help fulfill dreams, meet goals, and inspire lives that are happy, empowered, and successful. Now that’s beautiful!

Live passionately. Live beautifully.

Beauty Goes So Far
Avon proudly and passionately supports the health and well-being of women everywhere through the Avon Foundation for Women, launched in 1995.
At the heart of our efforts – the fight against breast cancer, and the end to domestic violence.
Nearly 1 Billion has been raised and awarded for these two all-important efforts combined.
Our dedication is stronger than ever, as we change lives, one beautiful face at a time.
Join us and find out how you can help!

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