Avon Campaign 11 Highlights

Avon Campaign 11 BrochureSummer is almost here. You can feel it, smell it and even taste the watermelon. You can also, if you listen carefully, hear the bugs, bees and who knows what else. Which is why I like to carry Bug Guard in my purse. Most of the other bug sprays contain DEET which can have adverse affects. You must wash off these insect repellants after coming inside. Avon’s Bug Guard contains IR3535 (Expedition) or Picaridin depending which style you pick. The Expedition and the Picaridin both come in small purse size spray bottles. Expedition has an SPF 30 for your daytime needs and comes in both aerosol and pump. Picaridin is for use at dusk when mosquitoes are more active. Picaridin comes in aerosol, pump and individually wrapped towelettes. They fit perfectly in your purse or glove box. The lotions both have SPF 30 sun protection. There is one with Gentle Breeze scent, the other is Disappearing Color to help you make sure and cover the kids completely. You can see where you have been and then rub it all in at once. There is also a purse-size Itch Relief spray regularly $10 on SALE $4.99. All Avon Bug Guard products on SALE on Pages 3-11.
Avon SunscreenPages 14-15 have the Sunscreen with SPF 25 and also the new After Sun Aloe Gel. Get them both now at great introductory prices!
Avon Father's Day SpecialsYou can find some great smelling deals for Dad on pages 17 – 21. Ironman and Ironman Glory by Avon are fresh and exhiliarating. Regular price is $22.50 each, but both are on SALE for $10.99 each. Black Suede and Black Suede Essential are both warm and classic; normally they are $17.50, but now they are on SALE for $10.99 each.
Avon Mesmerize Fragrance - MenMesmerize Cologne Spray from Avon is ON SALE! Lowest price ever! $9.99, Save $10.00!
avon-perfume-softenersAvon Skin Softeners
On Sale – Only $2.25 each
paula-abdul-avon-forever-collectionPaula Abdul is at it again! She has picked out more purses, shoes and jewelry for her Forever Avon Line

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  1. I have purchased the Shoes that Paula Abdul has on and they are nice. I get sooo many compliments on them when I wear them to church.

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