Avon Campaign 12 Highlights – Fragrance

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Get your shopping done online. Use coupon code FS30REP and get Free Shipping on any order over $30.00. Avon has lot’s of gift ideas as well as beauty and fragrance products for that special lady in your life.

avon-far-away-bella-eau-de-parfum-fragranceIf you haven’t finished Mother’s Day Shopping – check this one out, Far Away bella. Only $19.99 for the fragrance! and you get a FREE rollette. Also, the matching body lotion and shower gel are on special for $5.99 each – normally $10. The fragrance will be $23 after the sale. So, for only $31.97, you can get a full size Eau de Parfum Fragrance spray (beautiful bottle by the way), a rollette, body lotion and shower gel. Not bad. This fragrance is layered with Italian clementine, Chinese magnolia and warm Brazilian tonka beans.
avon-rare-pearls-diamonds-fragranceThese fragrances are light enough for summer parties, warm summer evenings and even light enough for, just about Summer anything. Rare Pearls is shimmering of magnolia and plum and Rare Diamonds is plum blossom, diamond orchid and rich woods. Both are normally $23, on SALE now for $10.99 each.

IT’S FERGIE – Fergie’s fragrances just fly off the shelf (or out of the brochure). Not on sale very often. All three normally $30 on SALE $22 each.
avon-eye-lift-proLot of deals in the Skin Care section this time, but check this one out. Make a Skin Care purchase from pages 88-101 and get the Anew Clinical Duel Eye System (normally $30) for $5 – yeah, that’s right, only $5. Don’t miss this one. The Dual Eye System has gel for the upper eye to lift and tighten and cream for under eye to help with those undereye issues. Do the Happy Dance!

Like the bronze look for summer. Avon Glow Blusher Bronzer Duo $7.99 regularly $10.00.
avon-bubble-bathsSome of the best bubble bath I have ever found. The fragrance is long lasting and you only use 1 cap full. You can buy cheaper bubble baths, but they won’t have the long lasting fragrance and you will have to use much more of them. And, they are all on SALE, $5.99 each.

One of my favorite lipsticks – Ultra Color Rich Lipstick. This one goes on so creamy. The color is gorgeous. Never hurts that it is on SALE – TWO for $8.99 normally $7 each.

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